Down Time and Recharging Real Estate Batteries

As a full time agent, who promises and delivers full service to his clients, I have to confess I struggle with down time.  When am I off the clock?  What is a day off?  Can I turn off my blackberry, not check my email and ignore the leftover items from yesterdays to do list? 

Last year I took the first extended trip without a lap top or even a cell phone in quite a while.  It was heaven, or at least up in the mountains close to it.  My brother, father and nephew and I went for a week of fly fishing in the back hills of British Columbia on a lake called Hi Hium (hi hume).  An 8 hour drive from Seattle north and east into the Canadian Okanagan, then about an hour off the paved roads up to a "resort" called the Circle W. (I highly recommend you check it out, the website is a bit rustic too, but the experience is great.)

Missy Bendzak drove us up from her ranch to insure we didn't take a wrong turn.  At the end of the dusty road were some cabins, a boat house and an adventure.  We unpacked our suburban and loaded our gear into boats they provided.  Along with our gear we packed huge blocks of ice cut out of the lake every winter for the ice boxes in the cabin.

Boat House Boat House

Our cabin was something out of an old west story.  Logs cut and prepped from the surrounding trees.  Nothing prefabricated or made in a factory, except perhaps the ice box and old wood fired stove.  An oil lamp or two along with some kerosene were provided.  We brought along our own lanterns, and they were handy to have.  It was like going back in time 100 years or more.

Cabin Eagle Cove Cabin

The fishing was great, and I'm told we didn't even hit it at its peak.  The first day was slow as we learned the lake and what the fish were interested in.  I'll refrain from the details for the non fisher folks, but we started to catch a few kept nearly everything we caught that day.  The next day, with a little advice, things picked up.  We didn't feel bad throwing back the smaller ones, because we had found out how to hook the bigger fish. 

The fish were big, hard fighting and delicious to eat.  They were abundant once we determined the right way to attract them.  They were rare, in that we had to go so far to find them.  They were rich, in terms of fight and flavor.  The whole experience was a distraction from and a lesson for Selling Real Estate. 

Days Catch

We need some time away to get refreshed and recharge our batteries.  We need to go out of our way sometimes for our own good, and not just our clients.  Each client is a unique and thus a rare commodity; their needs, wants and desires are different from our previous clients'.  We need to find out what it takes to earn their business.  Ask a fellow fisherman, or agent in this case, what they have found that's working for them and try it out.  The reward of finding the right home or the right buyer is very satisfing in itself, but we get paid to do it too. 

Writing this has taken me back to the cabin in the hills, that boat on a lake with loons singing and the sun shining,  almost a vacation in itself, but not quite.  Next year I hope to go again.  Maybe I'll see you there. 



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Down Time and Recharging Real Estate Batteries
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